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Message 9 of Message 2 of Reinstalled and got the same results. I suggest you try turning on USB debugging in Developer options. With PTP mode, the tablet is seen as a digital camera. If you click on the Eject button, you will get an error message saying:. Message 6 of

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Another problem is that you can not unmount your TF straight from Nautilus. This website uses cookies.

Hopefully there is a fix coming soon? The feature to use the Razr M as a Mass Storage device when connected to a computer is missing in the Android 4. The phone is plugged into the computer via a working USB cord. I have this question too.

Reinstalled and got the same results. In Nautilus, it appears in the device section and you are now able to Eject it Add the PPA and install it using the following commands: Have you tried different USB ports on the computer?


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Latest Android devices are using 2 different USB connexion modes: The Basic steps are: You can copy files from and to your TF, you can rename files, This feature was present when I purchased the phone and Android 4. Let us know the results. Register Sign In Help. So mltorola should work out of the box with Raring. There are various programs to add support for mtp to Ubuntu.

Message 7 of motorooa Even if you can access easily a MTP device thru a program called gmtp, it is not as convenient motorolx a conventional USB mass storage, accessible directly from Nautilus. I assume the loss of the mass storage option broke this program, and not that it was completely non-functional when it was released.

However, the phone will show that it is charging, when plugged in. Message 5 of After installing it, the program looks for new device software.

[q] mtp driver motorola droid razr m xt907

Once that is done you need to create a mount point for your Android filesystems. Message 10 of By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies. The third option k installation” is grayed out, but in the “ON” position.


Please, please, please, how can I get this feature back? Help would be greatly appriciated.

MTP USB device fail – Motorola Droid RAZR M | Android Forums

Message 1 of Now, plug the phone in again and see how the computer reacts. Based on everything else you’ve tried, my impression is that there is a problem with that phone and motorolla need to contact Motorola or Verizon for a replacement. Raxr it is interesting reading, I have just skipped over all that and supplied the TF specific values. Your device should appear after few seconds in Nautilus computer section.