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Roads In The Route Excluded By Your Preferences The line of the route is displayed on the driving side of the road for two-way and on the axis in case of one-way streets. Set Favourite Destinations 6. It lets you select a destination without first having to locate it on the map. Accept and install all updates being offered automatically. This opens a new window. In the case of POI items that you have created, you can also see the results in alphabetical order.

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In case you are looking for a city name that has more than one word, you can reduce the list of matches faster if you enter a few letters from each word.

Dynamic Volume key sounds are turned on, the slider on the mioamp will adjust their loudness. That you can use to fully turn down the volume of the device.

It shows the time needed to reach the final destination of the route based on information available for the remaining segments of the route.

Mio Map v3.2 User Manual

Popup Information switch The values are between 0 and 10, where zero means there is no backlight at all, and 10 represents the maximum backlight miomwp. MioMap warns you only if you drive in a measured or possibly measured direction.


There is also a Master slider on that screen.

The special keys you find on the other keyboards except Space are available here as well. The sound effects of MioMap are context muomap.

Tap it to get to the Route menu Page The position information obtained from the GPS receiver will not v transmitted anywhere, so others will not be able to track you by the help of this program.

Select the Installer Language and follow the instructions in the Installation Wizard to install the software updates. Automatic Night Colours Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Mio MioMap v3.3 Manuals

Zoom In And Out no. The higher the speed, the earlier the warning starts. Tmc traffic Message Channel Zoom In And Out no. Page of 83 Go. Don’t show me this message miomp.

Mio MioMap v Manuals

Discovering The Program Through The Screens 4 Discovering the program through the screens The best way to discover MioMap is to explore each screen in detail, and to find out how to move from one to another. Sound can be muted in Sound settings Page 71too. The states of this button are: Warnings And Safety Information MioMap is capable of planning routes throughout the mjomap map region installed on the memory card.


Although QWERTY-type keyboards also contain number keys, when entering a house number, the program offers the more convenient numeric keypad. Using The Find Menu automatically.

It will determine your exact location miommap the help of an attached GPS device. More info The Latest Map Guarantee ensures that when you buy a device you will be able to benefit from the most up to date map data we have available.

This menu point is available only in Map mode and when there is no active route. You have the following options: If you are on the Cockpit screen, MioMap will do this automatically if you leave the display untouched for 30 seconds.

End User License Agreement Map Orientation And Overview no. In Australia you can skip this part by tapping Done before entering any letters. Push the button with the label ABC that appears between Filter and the page number.