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The guide is pretty sketchy about e-sata and Marvell so I’m not sure how to proceed or if it’s even possible. The system is running Windows Vista Bad drivers, bad performance unreliable and not Intel. The bottom line is if you plan to use RAID 1 for your system disk, you will do well to use the Intel Matrix over the Marvell controller. At any rate, these tests aren’t particularly meant to be the end-all performance measurement between these two controllers, but it is an interesting comparison. That seems like progress, but the device assignment page in the web console still doesn’t list the drives attached to the Marvell ports. I have resolved this issue on my dxbx2.

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Marvell is actually a partnership with Promise Technologies. I am confident that Intel did there homework.

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I do have to echo someone else’s comment regarding the quality of parts put on these motherboards. I remember having some Supermicro motherboards that actually had a little special slot just for a plug-in Adaptec RAID controller.

Nibiru Quick Scotty, beam me up! Hopefully I posted this in the right section!


Intel D975XBX2 Desktop Motherboard Review :: Intel D975XBX2 Features

Do you see any problems with this low-end server? That seems like progress, but the device assignment page in the web console still doesn’t list the drives attached to the Marvell ports. Joined Nov 9, Messages 1 Reaction score c975xbx2. Ayan — Thank you.

Marvell Controller on Intel DXBX2 Motherboards – Hardware – Unraid

Yeah, this sounds a lot like that Joined Jun 7, Messages 1 Reaction score 0. I searched the Intel web site and did a fair amount on the Google, but really came up with zero performance information on these controllers specifically relating to which one was better within the context of f975xbx2 particular motherboard. This is a computer translation of the original content. Win 7 intel wirless lan driver for aspire E Product Pricing Community Blog.

If so, how can this be done once Intel MAtrix is already installed?

See the first two sentences? Have you tried downloading drivers from Intel for this board Here is a link http: It is interesting to note the significant benefit in read performance that is afforded by the RAID 1 configuration.

You cannot mix them together. I dont have any benchmarks, so I can’t prove anything. Is there a useful i. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.


Intel DXBX2 Marvell SATA driver needed for Windows 7 Needed

On the other hand, in the non-RAID configuration it was basically a draw between the two controllers. As an end note, lets face it Intel is marve,l going to spoil there flagship desktop motherboard by putting a low-end SATA controller on it. I have built some systems with Redhat Linux using the software RAID and it does seem to work alright, although I have to say that I have never actually had to recover from a bad drive in that implementation.

Lets re-wind and take a journey to the first posting that Matt published. Could this thread hold the key?

Please enter a title. I am a bit confused about the raid on this board. OCZ Vendetta 2 Ram: Bad drivers, bad performance unreliable and not Intel. Please type your message and try again.

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