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There is also an option of a self-booting Gentoo tarball Stage 4 , it can be downloaded from here. Once the Pi is running, it can build its own kernels. Test if you want to. Makes me wonder what other 32bit things can run in Aarch Hopefully Gentoo will boot displaying a login prompt, login as root and no password. No more searching for odd patches. Most information is already available on other documents, so this document mostly explains how to get the information needed to perform the installation.

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Raspberry Pi

Id “s0″ respawning too fast” messages on the console. Exit menuconfig, saving the change.

If there are any errors or Portage warnings here, please fix them. Oh, forgot, no temperature display in the panel applets, I used to watch that in the Pi3B’s, good indicator of stress.

It’s a one size fits all for all models of Raspberry Pi operating in bit mode. Create a file called cmdline.

Raspberry Pi – Gentoo Wiki

Er lots, got past 30 tabs and lost count Hmm, Rust only 1. If they are not visible they should be, see -P option in losetup utility then you can force the OS to update its partition table: So the kernel it’s working and we want pu transfer it to the boot partition, on our disk image.


I’m not going to develop more this subject, additional info can be found at: Go grab a coffee! Leveraging recently improved bit support in the official Raspberry Pi kernel treethe image supports:. Contents 1 Installation 1. Hopefully Gentoo will boot displaying a login prompt, login as root and no password. Not very hard to set this up actually you could try gentio yourself in raspbergy chroot with e.

Important -i makes an inode for every two filesystem blocks, 8kB. Pay attention to the kernel name, root partition name and file system type. So all we have to do is to mount this disk, to create partitions and the necessary file system.

Network storage instead on local? A word of advice – don’tat least, not until the system boots.

Do get it right – Don’t ruin your PC install. The image contains a complete OpenRC-based Gentoo system including a full Portage tree, up-to-date as of 9 July – so you can run emerge operations immediately – and has a reasonably populated userland Xfce v4.

There is a utility for this called tvservice. Once you’ve booted the Raspberry Pi and confirmed that you have an internet connection, you’ll want raspberrj first run emerge –sync to get the absolute latest tree, then run perl-cleaner –all to get all of your Perl packages up to date.


The build is conventional, other than telling the build system to build for arm64 and use the cross compiler.

Wonder how many tabs can be open, Raspbian Chromium gets flaky at about 6 tabs. For example change the root parameter to:. If you instead prefer doing the old way i. The kernel is named Image and can be found on the same path as zImage, i. Hardware Configuration I found some areas on the wiki lacking, mainly on sound configuration. This getoo was last edited on August 25,at As chroot was not performed before booting, the root password needs to be unset.

Alternatively, some devices need the zImage to be processed using the mkknlimg script. So far we have deployed the required Gentoo files. I don’t do one to one help via email or the forums PM system.