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Validating checkboxlist. CheckBoxList Validation in ASP.Net - Required Field Validator.

Validating checkboxlist

This article describes how to develop your own validator controls to validate any. At times, you may want to compare the user's input to a value in a database, or to determine whether his input conforms to some arithmetic validation that you are looking for for instance, if the number is even or odd. The list of prepared expressions is shown in Figure 5. Also notice that there isn't a validation server control on the page that has this CheckBox server control tied to it via any property settings. It is having a default value of 1 saying only one checkbox tick will successfully validate the control where as Zero represent all the items in the list is to be ticked for successfull validation. The CustomValidator server control enables you to do almost any type of validations that you can think of. You can also use the Date value for the Type property to make sure that the entry is between specific date ranges. If you use List, it appears without bullets. Validation controls make a developer's life a lot easier. The RegularExpressionValidator Control The RegularExpressionValidator server control is a validation control that enables you to check the user's input based on a pattern defined by a regular expression. Making Validation More Secure If you are going to use the CustomValidator server control for client-side validation, you should also consider re-evaluating the user's input using a server-side validation function. Creating your own server-side validation functions Visual Basic.

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Validating checkboxlist

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    Within this server-side function, validation performed in the code checks whether the CheckBox server control's Checked property has a value of True meaning that it is checked.

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    Which Controls Can Be Validated? Within this server-side function, validation performed in the code checks whether the CheckBox server control's Checked property has a value of True meaning that it is checked.

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    Also, a control must have a single logical value on the client.

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    Bill is also an author and speaker and has written such books as ASP. If not specified, it is considered to have the value of String.

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    Bill is the founder and executive director of the International. The CustomValidator Control You are not limited to the validation controls that have been shown thus far in this article; you also have the CustomValidator server control.