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The dating game i am cait. I Am Cait recap: The Dating Game.

The dating game i am cait

Though my knowledge of this person comes exclusively from watching him squirm on TV for two minutes — so this is pretty speculative. Trans women can be picky just like anyone else. Cait is shocked, once again. Trans-on-trans relationships are a bit easier in that there is more understanding when coming out. This show is all about introducing complex topics in lighthearted ways, so while the two maybe-lovebirds wait for the check, they chat about navigating health care while trans. Sometimes people let the labels of their sexual orientation dictate whom they date. Johnie seems awkward because this has gotten really awkward. The destination is elusive, however. Is this a date? She says she always stays too long and puts up with too much. Dude, go and look up the hashtag ilooklikeanengineer and get back to us.

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I Am Cait

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The dating game i am cait

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  1. Tojashura

    This is how Courtney refers to Candis, apparently. Chandi is always riding Cait so hard, but I totally understand why.

  2. Mirn

    She tells Caitlyn that she was an abusive relationship for years, and later, she and Chandi rant about men while getting pedicures. The show ends with Candis and Cait tootling around Malibu in this sweet ride.

  3. Dodal

    I want a Candis and Chandi spin-off. You said it, Jenny.

  4. Meztishakar

    Chandi and Candis meet up to get pedicures and talk matters of the heart.

  5. Zuluhn

    As it happens, Jenny is in a long-term relationship with a woman.