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Justin timberlake saturday night live dating show. TV Ratings: Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Set 'SNL' DVR Record.

She would invite only friends to the show and after-party who understood how hard it was to make it onto a broadcast where every week 40 to 50 sketches are reduced to the 8 or so that are performed live. With fame came something now out of fashion: Perhaps this meant, long about a boozy 3 a. Back at Winnipesaukee We were wrong when we thought Timberlake and Fallon singing "Jumper" was the most epic summer at Camp Winnipesaukee because their sweet, sweet harmonies to "Africa" and the trembling vibrato of "I Only Want to Be With You" are so much more satisfying. But they won me over, with Timberlake playing Elton John, penning yet another personalized version of "Candle in the Wind. Apparently his long hiatus was because he took a writing job on Smash makes sense. Gynecological Humor of the Week Simple but hilarious commercial parody this week for NuvaBling, the diamond-encrusted birth-control device that sacrifices vaginal comfort for " a mega dose of faboosh! Eleven years later, when Gilda Radner passed away from cancer on the afternoon that Martin was hosting the years season finale, he offered a tear-filled monologue and showed the sketch again. Please try again later. Springfield Retirement Castle Update Obviously, Timberlake's monologue was going to reference his induction into the "5-Timers Club," and the show went there quite literally, taking us inside a clubhouse filled with the likes of Paul Simon, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Dan Aykroyd who's only there to tend bar. In what looks to be a case of nerves, Chance pretty much forgets what the actual choreography is for this musical number early on and just starts laughing through it.

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