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Battery operated rickshaw in Ludhiana December 25, Savannah Rickshaws Pedicabs in Savannah. Their marriage soon soured. Just save good money and come back. And amazingly her husband didn’t go to Sweden. Police said he drove her to a secluded spot in Agra and fatally stabbed her. On February 20, Willinger met Sharma again — but police weren’t clear why.

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Qmerican in Denver December 29, Rickshaw Tours Hong Kong December 13, I should learn something from him. Good story and nice publicity but I have feeling the man paid the women for a direct Visa to States.

But I hope they decide to come back to India in the future. Perhaps just showcases the quality of your thinking.

Just save good money and come back. Tech Innovate Gadget Mission: Start driving rickshaw then. Ahhh young white adventuress, following her dreams, loving the Camera’s and attention.

But the Indian Express newspaper reported that Sharma accused his wife of smoking too much and “talking to other men. You always hear about young, American women being swept off their particular legs by European or Latin lovers with smooth accents and creative lines and American men by crafty prostitutes from Southeast Asiayou seldom hear about blue collar Indian entrepreneurs placing the allure on therefore dense.


Police said he drove her to a secluded spot in Agra and fatally stabbed her.

Love gone sour: Indian rickshaw driver kills American wife, then self

Story highlights The marriage soon soured Report: Wish them the best of luck! BTW is it just me or somebody else also think that the girl looks a slimmer and trimmer version of Mehr Bukhari??? He stayed a taxi driver in India: Amazes me a little – although in an affluent society such a scenario is very much thinkable.

Next time I come across them, this will get bumped, cos sure as hell it’ll rickshaww taxi boy catching a cab back to the sub continent and the lady to get them out for playboy, since she loves the attention that much. It took 3 days with this American tourist to fall head-over-heels for an Indian rickshaw driver.

American woman marries auto-rickshaw driver | Rickshaw Stories

Read Post a comment. He’s still in Canada though. I know they will have a better future in USA. If you have the right to say what you like, then similarly I hold the right to express my disagreement to your thinking. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger.


They met and fell head over heels at the Taj Mahal, rlckshaw iconic monument to love. You failed to read the word “perhaps” in my post in haste to post your drivel. He then went home and killed himself by igniting a gas canister in his kitchen that caused his house to explode.

Are you an Auto Driver too? And amazingly her husband didn’t go to Sweden. To verify, just follow the link in the message.

Agra auto driver kills American wife, self | India News – Times of India

Agra auto driver kills American wife, self. They certainly were hitched the Wednesday following their Saturday introduction. Sharma accused Willinger of “talking marriss other men” He died in a house explosion that he caused. Related Videos Agra auto driver kills America